Jack Campbell

Throughout our hockey journey we have always observed in Kurt two fundamental characteristics: integrity and professionalism.

In Kurt’s business, integrity is demonstrated by putting the best interests of the young men he represents ahead of his own. At every step of our son’s career, Kurt has taken the time to analyze and explain all available options, in order to assure that Jack is able to make informed, sound and prudent decisions which are right for Jack.

As a professional Kurt possesses all of the tools needed, including a thorough knowledge of the sometimes complicated world of hockey, to provide good advice, and the ability to put those tools to effective use. He is able to use his excellent communication and interpersonal skills to apply his extensive hockey experience to the best interests of the young men he represents.

Having Kurt as Jack’s family advisor, and later as Jack’s agent, has provided our family with confidence that our son is in the capable hands of a representative who has taken the time to understand, and honor, our family values.

Jack & Debbi Campbell

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