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Schmaltz brothers savor first regular-season matchup in NHL


CHICAGO, IL – Mike Schmaltz figured it had to happen at some point. His sons, Chicago Blackhawks forward Nick Schmaltz and St. Louis defenseman Jordan Schmaltz, almost played against each other in an NHL regular-season game a few times. But over the past three seasons,

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Red Wings Need Larkin to Step Up in New Era


DETROIT, MI – Dylan Larkin has suddenly become a veteran at the age of 22 for the Detroit Red Wings. “It could be the first time I’m not the youngest guy on the team,” Larkin said. “That’s why I’m growing out this beard.” The

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The relationships that you have, the personalized help, how reachable they are, it’s not like it’s a big agency where they have a hundred guys or something where they only talk to the top fifteen and the other guys can kind of fend for themselves.

— Ian Cole

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