Shawn Reid was born on September 21st, 1970 in Toronto, Ontario and is a retired professional hockey defenseman. Shawn played four seasons at Colorado College from 1990-1994. During his time with the Tigers, Reid totaled 94 points and was named the 1994 WCHA defenseman of the year. Shawn then spent four seasons in both the New York Rangers’ and Florida Panthers’ systems before retiring in 1998.

What was the most memorable moment of your hockey career?

Being recognized as a First Team Collegiate All-American and then signing my first contract with the New York Rangers.


What advice would you give to future professional hockey players?

Regardless of the politics that exist, keep the fire, give yourself time to grow, and always remember that there is a life after hockey.


What are you doing now since retiring from professional hockey?

I am the Manager of Youth Hockey Operations at the University of Denver.