KO Sports’ integrity and professionalism is the highest in our industry. Please listen to what some of our world-class clients and their families have to say about our approach to representation.

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Randall Johansen

Father of Ryan and Lucas Johansen

There was a time when I thought the only reason a hockey family would need an advisor or agent was if and when Pro hockey brass started calling. Was I ever wrong about that! It has been mind boggling to me at times as to how many challenges arise for these young athletes. These

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Kevin Magnuson


Delivering the Gold Standard

As former players and as attorneys I think we are a notch above our competition and then you look at our track record for both development and the off-season and the contracts that we’ve negotiated to put our players in positions to succeed, there is no one better in the world.

Joe Oliver


What Makes KO Sports Unique

Jacob Trouba

Defenseman, New York Rangers

Relationship with KO Sports

Dylan Larkin

Center, Detroit Red Wings

They do a great job of getting the players what they want. If you want to work with a certain company or reach out and see if there’s interest, David Ludwig does a good job and can make it happen.

Jacob Trouba

Defense, New York Rangers

Whenever I need help, they are always there to talk me through the issue, as it is usually stuff that is new to me in my professional career. The KO Sports staff gives me great advice and I’ve been very happy with all of the work they have done on my behalf.

The relationships that you have, the personalized help, how reachable they are, it’s not like it’s a big agency where they have a hundred guys or something where they only talk to the top fifteen and the other guys can kind of fend for themselves.

— Ian Cole

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