Randall Johansen

There was a time when I thought the only reason a hockey family would need an advisor or agent was if and when Pro hockey brass started calling. Was I ever wrong about that! It has been mind boggling to me at times as to how many challenges arise for these young athletes. These challenges can come fast, many of them when they are only 13 & 14 years of age. Do you sign a CHL contract if you are drafted? Do you attend a CHL camp just because you are CHL drafted? For each family these are important discussions to have and for each family you might not come up with the same answers. A few years later this can progress into things like dealing with contract negotiations or with injuries, tax questions along with financial advice or even far away cities residence advice. When you throw in pre combine media training along with prep work for the physical testing done at combine a person starts to understand how valuable professional advice becomes!

KO Sports has completely transformed the way my family views player representation. From our experience Joe Oliver & Kurt Overhardt have been as prepared and professional that you can be in their industry. Their support has been brilliant, quick, helpful and personal. They have provided both of my sons the advice and tools you need to survive in what sometimes feels like a cruel world of minor and professional sports. I have talked to 100’s of hockey families these past few years, many of them have been upset with their representation. When it comes to player representation there are loads of people that talk a good game, but through my families experience KO Sports help you make things happen! With every bit of advice you get the from the KO family they always give you that crystal clear understanding of how and why things are done through every process. Their structure is clear, logical and effective. My family feels lucky to be associated with KO Sports.