2020 NHL Playoffs: Ask Colorado Avalanche Defenseman Ian Cole Anything!

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – Colorado Avalanche defenseman Ian Cole is a 10-year NHL veteran, two-time Stanley Cup champion with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and he already has one of the best beards in the 2020 NHL playoffs.

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He also was kind enough to spend some time on his off day in the bubble answering questions from fans, submitted to ESPN.

So as the Avs prepare for the next game in their series against the Arizona Coyotes, let’s hear from Ian on how he’s combating boredom in the bubble, what the food is like, why it looks like he’s eating his jersey during warm-ups, and of course, the latest fashion choices from teammate Nikita Zadorov.

Michael G: Do you mark your beard to figure out how much is a regular-season beard and how much is a playoff beard?

Cole: When you’re confident in your team, there is no difference between a regular-season beard and a playoff beard. But it is funny to see it grow. I pretty much trim it up or shave it before my headshot for the year, so it’s funny to look back and see a little bit of scruff or something, and right now it’s just … out of control.