Avalanche’s Ian Cole fully supportive of potential NHL return: “Whatever gets us back and playing, I’m 100 percent for”

DENVER, CO – Avalanche defenseman Ian Cole is “100 percent” for the reported NHL proposal to skip the end of the regular season and go directly into a 24-team playoff to award the Stanley Cup by late August or early September.

A two-time Cup champion with Pittsburgh Penguins, Cole would vote for any plan that gave him a shot at a third crown. And he knows the Avalanche is capable of winning its third Cup in 24 years.

“To be honest with you, I like to keep it simple: Whatever gets us back and playing, I’m 100 percent for. Whether that’s 16 teams, 24 teams — 30 teams, 31 teams — whatever gets us back and playing I’m 100 percent on board with,” Cole said in a phone interview with The Post.