Cam Stewart Wants to Talk

TORONTO, ONT – Cam Stewart has been through it all. A former NHLer who played in an unforgiving era, Stewart counts nine documented concussions, three of which rendered him unconscious, to his name. The amount of undocumented concussions he sustained was much higher. Along with other injuries, Stewart’s career was halted numerous times and throughout the years he dealt with a lot of dark days – a lot of dark years, too.

Now as a player agent with KO Sports, Stewart is hoping that his tale of struggles both physical and mental can help the next generation of players reach their dreams of becoming NHLers without having to bottle up their feelings and anxieties. His message for the hockey world is clear:

“You are the only one who knows how you are feeling,” Stewart said. “Mental health awareness is getting there, but there is still a stigma; trying to be a tough guy or not wanting anyone to know about it. People have to be comfortable and know there are people out there who will help and they just need to reach out.”