Cole Perfetti Has The Perfect Blend Of Skill And Intellect

SAGINAW, MI – Cole Perfetti is a very talented center who should go in the top five of the upcoming 2020 NHL Draft. He had an incredible 74 assists in 61 games for the Saginaw Spirit. He might not get back to the postseason, even though his team was good enough, the coronavirus has gotten in the way, for now, but he will soon have his day.

“Going into this year, I never expected to have 111 at this point and be on such a successful team. Have the year that I’ve had so far, and have it click the way that it has. I wanted to come in this year and bring my best and prove to the scouts and everyone watching why to pick me,” Perfetti stated.

It’s hard to say exactly where a player gets his hockey acumen from. Hockey I.Q. is so important in today’s NHL and this prospect has “it”. You can see that every time he steps foot on the ice. He does watch players in games and on YouTube. But after some digging, it seems like his education plays a big part in this part of his game.

“I think some of it has to do with being smart. I take great pride in my schooling. I’ve always achieved good grades. That kind of helps the quick thinking come across,” Perfetti said honestly.

After some digging and trying to figure out if he had a nerdy side, he remembered about a math competition that would make any honor student jealous.