After Lengthy Recovery from Hip Surgery, Duck’s Kesler Set to Make Season Debut

ANAHEIM, CA – After months of rehabilitation, countless hours of skating and pushing his body to the limit, Ryan Kesler is ready.

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Anaheim’s perennial shutdown center is expected to make his season debut tonight after undergoing hip surgery in June. This morning he skated alongside Andrew Cogliano and Chris Wagner at Honda Center as the Ducks prepare for the Vegas Golden Knights.

It has been a long road back for the 33-year-old Livonia, Michigan native, who says he had to re-learn how to walk at one point during his recovery process. “There have been a lot of challenges,” he said today. “Being on crutches for 14 weeks was one of them. Guys tell me I walked with a limp for three years. Just skating and getting my stride back. I feel better out there now than I did five years ago. It was a much-needed surgery and I’m glad I did it.”