Local Goalie Garret Sparks Makes Good

CHICAGO, IL – When Garret Sparks was seven years old, his parents, Mike and Lisa, decided it seemed like the right time to introduce him to hockey.

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They signed up Garret for the Scooters program at the Elmhurst YMCA – the same outdoor rink where Mike started playing in fourth grade and developed into a goaltender. Scooters, a program that continues to thrive today, encourages parents to get on the ice with their children while teaching the basics of skating and hockey.

“We had a lot of fun,” Mike said.

For the final session, the Scooters coaches wanted to hold a scrimmage to show off everyone’s progress. Just one problem: Every kid was a skater. Goaltending wasn’t part of the program.

With the parents off the ice and watching from the other side of the glass, a coach asked for two kids to volunteer to play goalie. Nobody moved a muscle. So he asked again.