Mackey Family “Proud” of Son Connor and his NHL debut with Flames

CALGARY, AB – It certainly made for a late night in the American Midwest, but Dave Mackey wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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His boy, Connor – at 24 years old, and a free-agent signing of the Flames last March – was finally getting a look in The Show.

“We’re all a bit tired today,” Dave laughed Sunday from the Mackey family home in Tower Lakes, Ill. “In the moment, you don’t really appreciate all the emotions, the nervousness and the excitement you feel watching the game when he’s in there.

“Here, it was my wife and I, and Connor’s twin brother, Ian, watching Hockey Night in Canada.

“But Vancouver – where I’m from – was kind of a second home for Connor growing up. For him to be able to play his first game in that city, in that rink, was awesome.