Stars prospect Damiani drafted in Fifth Round while Dad is using bathroom

DALLAS, TX –  Riley Damiani’s father was waiting for some time to hear his son’s name called at the 2018 NHL Draft. 

However, nature called first.

With the 137th pick, the Dallas Stars selected Damiani, a forward from the Kitchener Rangers. But his dad, Rino, missed it. He was in the bathroom.

“He was telling me for the last 10 picks that he had to go to the washroom. And I kept telling him ‘No, you gotta stick around, you gotta stick around,'” Damiani said in a video produced for the Stars’ website. “And it just got to the point where he was like ‘nope, I gotta go.'”

Damiani even did his first interview as a member of the Stars organization before his father had a chance to return.

“When I came out of the bathroom I looked at the TV and I (did a double take) and I saw him on the floor,” said Rino Damiani in the video. “I go ‘That’s him!’ So I ran to the seat.”