Kevin Bieksa’s hockey home is Vancouver, where his heart always was

VANCOUVER, BC – Kevin Bieksa claims he didn’t need attention and never sought the spotlight.

However, that light always found the feisty and determined former Vancouver Canucks defenceman.

Bieksa played hard and played hurt. He was a physical force, voice of reason, mentor, friend and legendary prankster. 

His charitable endeavours and work with mental-health initiatives endeared him to fans and the general populace as much as imposing his physical and psychological will on the opposition. And scoring that infamous stanchion goal to propel the Canucks into the 2011 Stanley Cup Final only added to the appeal of a 2001 fifth-round draft choice (151st overall) who beat long odds.



Bieksa Breaks Down His Superman Punch, the Hockey Fight Mentality

ANAHEIM, CA – While the game of hockey continues to shift away from the physicality it used to be defined by, skewing instead towards speed, skill, and offensive creativity, there’s one name still proudly representing the old school.

Anaheim Ducks veteran Kevin Bieksa certainly isn’t the only NHLer open to dropping his mitts when things get heated, but the 36-year-old is arguably the best in the business when it comes to doing so. He proved as much this season, taking hockey fights to a new level by implementing Georges St. Pierre’s signature Superman punch

Beyond the Superman Punches, Kevin Bieksa helping fight stigma of mental illness

ANAHEIM, CA – There’s joy to Anaheim Ducks defenseman Kevin Bieksa.

It’s in talking about his family: His wife, Katie, and two children, Cole and Reese. It’s in talking about his team, which has remained in the Western Conference playoff hunt despite a devastating series of injuries to key players. And sometimes, it’s in the way Bieksa, 36, brings joy to others through unorthodox means: Like getting a rise out of the crowd with a “Superman Punch” in a fight that goes viral; or getting a rise out of his teammates by donning a disguise and making them an unwitting co-star in a comedy video.