NHLers like Larkin among reasons local hockey league is special

MT. CLEMENS, MI – The idea was hatched 10 years ago by Steven Oleksy.

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Oleksy, from Chesterfield Township, is a pro hockey player who has won a Stanley Cup with Pittsburgh and is currently in the Anaheim Ducks’ organization.

Oleksy wanted to stay sharp and in game shape in the offseason.

“The college guys, pro guys, they can’t just go back and play in a regular senior league,” Oleksy said. “So what do you do to stay in game shape?”

Oleksy, 32, believes southeast Michigan has some of the best hockey talent anywhere in North America. So, why not gather a lot of that talent in one rink?

“I wanted to create something to bring everyone together,” said Oleksy, who started the Eastside Elite Hockey League. “It took some time to build it to where I wanted it to be. But what it’s become over the last 10 years is absolutely incredible.”