Coyotes Confident Schmaltz Can Help Offense Produce

GLENDALE, AZ – Coyotes General Manager John Chayka had wanted to add forward Nick Schmaltz to the roster for some time. Late Sunday, after a 6-1 loss to Calgary on home ice, Chayka pulled the trigger on a two-for-one trade with Chicago and brought Schmaltz into the mix.

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“He’s a guy that has top-line potential,” Chayka said Monday morning. “Speed, skill, creativity … Obviously he’s a right shot, which we need. He can play center, he can play wing. When he’s playing center, he’s an elite skater and can really push the pace from the middle of the ice. I think that adds another element and dimension to our team that we’ve been missing. Our offense hasn’t been what we would have hoped through a quarter of the season, so hopefully he can give us a boost in that regard.”