Lindholm Seeing More Playing Time

CENTENNIAL, CO. – Adjusting to the play and style of NHL games is an ongoing process for veterans and rookies alike. There is always something to learn and something to work on as the players try to master their craft.

Rookie defenseman Anton Lindholm is deep in that development process as he prepares for his 20th career NHL game on Thursday, but he has received some extra help lately to aid in his transition to the league.

The 22-year-old has been playing with veteran rear guard Erik Johnsonfor the last two contests, which has allowed him to find his game in the fast-paced NHL.

“Playing with a guy like E.J., your own comfort level and your trust to your D-partner can’t get much higher than playing with a guy like that,” Lindholm said. “Obviously, I can play my game and feel comfortable that if I mess up or if I fail to do anything, I know E.J. is there for support.”