Turris Makes Preds Long-Term Winner After Signing 6 year, $36 Million Contract


David Poile outlining the versatility and offensive firepower the Nashville Predators now possess was great. Kyle Turris expressing his eagerness to skate in Preds Gold was exciting.

But there was also a theme woven through the comments from both general manager and forward that subtly may have won the day for Nashville.

Let’s back up a bit first. On Sunday evening, when the Predators pulled off a three-team trade to acquire Turris from Colorado, they also announced they’d signed the talented center, whose current deal was set to expire after this season, to a six-year contract. Most analysts agree that Turris isn’t even an option on the trade market if he’s signs a deal with the Ottawa Senators prior to the 2017-18 season starting. On Monday, Poile said bluntly that the two other GMs involved in the trade knew it wasn’t happening if a long-term deal couldn’t be agreed upon between Turris and the Predators.